Earthquake Damage Repairs

Pace Project Management are specialists in the complete project management of commercial construction & refurbishment works. Projects range from works for private individuals, national and multi-national organisations and earthquake damage insurance claims. If you are considering letting, leasing, purchasing, constructing or modifying a building and require a comprehensive analysis prior to commencement, we can help.

Earthquake Repairs

Pace PM project manages earthquake damage repairs for a number of multi-storey as well as smaller commercial buildings across Christchurch. The earthquake damage we deal with ranges from significant structural to damaged finishes and services.

We also project manage tenant access within the red zone, ensuring tenants can safely move their business assets out of earthquake affected buildings. We create and project manage an access plan and then manage the movement of furniture, files, IT, etc. Insurance generally covers this work. Contact us now for more details on our earthquake services. 

Process Overview

All earthquake damaged commercial buildings that had insurance cover are covered by the insurer and not EQC. The insurers generally appoint a loss adjuster to process any earthquake insurance claims. Our fees are paid by the insurance company for all remedial works. We appoint all contractors and manage the work for commercial building owners so they can get on with their core business.

We are also working closely with property managers and tenants to minimise disruption.

Earthquake Damage

For more information on our earthquake services feel free to contact us 
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